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Reopening Information from the Rector

We are open for Sunday and feast day public worship. Through Labor Day weekend we will continue to have a single Sunday Solemn Mass at 11:00 A.M. Feast day services are as announced. We will continue to live stream all our solemn liturgies and weekday services will continue on Zoom.

We no longer require advanced registration for mass. We will still ask worshippers to give their names and a phone number to the usher upon entering, and we reserve the right to limit the number of people in the building at any one time.

At the same time, although the CDC and New York State have adopted new guidance about mask wearing for those who are vaccinated, as a church we can not require proof of vaccination to participate in public worship. Therefore, per the New York State Department of Health regulations, as an indoor venue in which people of various households mix and where the vaccination status of individuals is unknown, we will continue to observe certain restrictions.

This means that we will still require all worshippers to follow certain guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all our worshippers and staff. These guidelines are, of course, subject to change, and we will respond appropriately.

We expect that those with a fever, symptoms of a respiratory illness, or any other symptom of Covid-19, or a positive nasal Covid test will refrain from coming to church. Likewise we expect that those who know they have been exposed to Covid-19 within the last fourteen days will refrain from coming to church and get tested. I encourage each and every one of your to get vaccination both for your own well being, and to protect others from illness and death.

We continue to ask worshippers to enter the building only through the Church doors on West 87th Street.

Hand sanitiser is available at all entrances to the church.

All worshippers, including children and (per New York State guidelines) regardless of vaccination status, must wear face masks that cover the nose and mouth at all times, except when consuming the Host at Holy Communion (see below). We have a supply of masks for those who do not bring their own.

All must abide by the seating arrangements assigned by the ushers upon entry and maintain at least six feet distance between households.

All worshippers are to refrain from singing. You may respond or say the prayers in a low voice.

At the Peace, those from different households are to greet each other with the sign of Peace in the form of a bow.

According to Diocesan emergency regulations, Holy Communion is offered only in the form of the Eucharistic Host placed into the Communicant’s hand.

The Celebrant will bring Communion to the people at their seats. People are asked to wear their mask until they have received the Host in their hand and the Celebrant has gone to bring the Sacrament to the next Communicant. They may then lower their masks to consume the Host.

For the time being, we continue to ask parishioners not to light candles at the shrines. The church will ensure that candles are burning before the images of Our Lady, Our Patron, and Our Lord.

When the Mass is over, people may remain in their place for private prayer and then proceed directly to the exit, maintaining social distancing. Please do not pray at the shrines.

Please feel free to gather on the steps and along the street to greet each other. We are formulating plans to resume after-mass, outdoor hospitality, and will keep you informed as we move ahead.

We are grateful for the support you have been showing us throughout this period of the Covid-19 pandemic and ask that you leave your offering in the basin at the head of the centre aisle on your way out. You may also make a contribution to the church using PayPal, accessed through the Donate button on the front page of our web site using your own mobile device. Thank you.

We ask people not to linger in the aisles.

We reserve the right to ask anyone not abiding by these rules to leave the premises.

Thank you for your willingness to abide by all these rules and regulations. Doing so will allow us to resume worship and allow those who are able and feel comfortable to attend church and receive the Sacrament.

Please be assured that the choice to come to church or not is yours and must be made with your health and safety and that of your friends, families, and coworkers in mind. The live stream and Zoom services will be there for you, too.

Faithfully yours,

Andrew C. Blume ✠