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Saint Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church

An Episcopal Church in the Anglo-Catholic Tradition Where All Are Welcome

Parish Leadership & Contact Information


The Clergy

The Rev’d Dr Andrew C. Blume, Rector (email)

The Rev’d Dr Philip H. Towner, Associate Rector (email)

The Rev’d Paul S. Kahn, Deacon (email)

The Rev’d John Miles Evans, Honorary Associate

Ms Mary Davenport, Seminarian

Ms Pamela Tang, Deacon Postulant


Dr Richard Porterfield, Organist & Choirmaster (email)

Mr Joshua Anand Slater, Artist in Residence

Mr Boniface Nawita, Sexton (email)


Ms Abigail Franklin Plumer, Churchwarden (email)
Ms Holly Hughes, Churchwarden (email)
Mr Willam L. Farris, Treasurer (email)

Serving to January 2021:

Mr Jeremy Berry
Ms Kristy Milkov
Mr William L. Farris
Dr Warren T. Woodfin
Mr Anthony J. Mickey

Serving to January 2022:

Mr Clive McKeef
Ms Sheila Sweeney-Suarez

Serving to January 2023:

Ms Laurel Bishop
Mr Edward MacEnulty

Committee Chairs

Adult Formation—The Rev’d Dr Towner and Deacon Kahn
Buildings and Grounds—Ms Sheila Sweeney-Suarez & Edward MacEnulty
Children and Family Ministries—Ms Meredith L. Strauss and The Rector
Columbarium—The Rector
Investments—Contact the Churchwardens and Treasurer
Leopards—Ms Lucy Kuemmerle and Deacon Kahn
Mission and Outreach—Ms Holly Hughes & Laurel Bishop
Stewardship—Mr Clive McKeef and the Churchwardens (email)
Soup Kitchen—Ms Holly Hughes and Mr Stephen Morris

Contact the Webmaster here (email)