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Andy, the Rector’s Dog



Sadly, Andy died this spring on May 26, 2014. He will be remembered for all the joy he brought us. Thank you, Andy.


Andy in the Rector's office

Hi, I’m Andy, the Rector’s dog. I was born on Cape Cod, but lived most of my life in Cambridge, Mass., until my family moved to New York City in 2007. I have always been a City Dog, but I really love New York!

I spend most of my days with Fr Blume, at the Church and meeting people out on our walks around the neighborhood and in the parks.


Finally I got to go to the Blessing of the Animals this year!! I enjoyed welcoming everyone into
my Church, and it was great to meet all our neighbors!


Just before Easter this year, I helped out one of our friends at the Parish Work Day

... well I don’t know if help is exactly the right word.


In the Fall of 2009, I wasn’t able to make it to the Blessing of the Animals service, but I was lucky enough to get a blessing from Bishop Roskam when she visited Saint Ignatius on Michaelmas.

Andy greets the Bishop
I greeted Bishop Roskam first, which is only polite...
Andy gets a blessing
She gave me a blessing,
Andy gets a treat
and some cheese!!!

Click here to see the humans at Solemn Pontifical Mass on Michaelmas 2009.


On Sundays, I love coming to the coffee hour after the nine o'clock Mass

At Coffee Hour
At Coffee Hour

I also spend time in the Sacristy helping out with the preparations for Mass ...

In the Sacristy with William

When I am out and about, I meet lots of people and my work is never done ...

Andy doing his ministry

In the parish, I love going to special events like the Family Christmas Party

Christmas pets

I love getting petted ...

Christmas cookies

I also love Christmas Cookies ... but I knew I couldn’t
have any since they were for our Soup Kitchen guests.


It was hot last summer, so I spent much of my time lying around the Rector's office...

Andy in the Rector's office

Andy at coffee hour

But I occasionally made it down to coffee hour.

I always get lots of love outside around the neighborhood ...

Andy, William, and Fr Blume at Le Pain
Getting love from a tourist at Le Pain


Right after we moved to NYC, the Rector finally got a digital camera (welcome to the 21st-century, Dad) and has been taking new picture of the church for the website. Here William and I are waiting for him to finish shooting the Lady Shrine so he would have a picture both for the Church tour page and for the parish Facebook Group (whatever that is).

In the Church

Andy waiting in Church

Andy and William


In July 2008, I got a bit jealous when some new visitors dropped in and spent time with Gwendolyn

kittens with Gwendolyn
kittens in the parish office

but happily for everyone they were adopted right away!


Here I am at the Conservatory Water with my boy William (he’s a lot bigger now!) ... Boat Basin


waiting ...and waiting patiently while the Rector shows a visitor around the Church.


I really enjoy hanging out at church. Here I am getting pats from parishoners on Rogation Sunday 2007 at the Church of the Advent in Boston. Check back often for more of my new life as a New York parson's dog.

Fr Blume and Andy on Rogation Sunday 2007
Andy on Rogation Sunday 2007

Please visit my friends, the Cats of the Church of the Advent in Boston.