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Stewardship 2014: A Letter from the Rector


28 October 2013

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

There is no beating about the bush. It is, once again, Stewardship time at Saint Ignatius of Antioch.

Of course, from a theological perspective stewardship season comprises our whole lives. We are called to be stewards of all the gifts we have been given, “conscious trustees for humane ends,” as one of my favourite theologians puts it, of all of creation. Mindful of all that will come after us, mindful of the future prospect of creation, we are called to use all our resources, and yes, our time, talent, and treasure, for the good of the Works of Love.

Specifically, in these days, we ask you to recommit to the work of this community, your church. We ask you to commit your time, talents, and treasure, exercise your stewardship and support this parish church for the coming year of ministry. In doing so we are making use of our material possessions, making use of our bodies, making use of the things of creation as a manifestation—a sacrament, if you will—of our belonging to the Body of Christ. We are called to the Christian life in and through the stuff of life and our pledge is an important part, a part that truly has an impact.

Indeed, these are very good days at Saint Ignatius of Antioch. Our attendance is up and many of us feel a renewed sense of vitality. Our music program is at an exciting point as we move towards calling a new organist and choirmaster and as we benefit greatly from the ministry of James Kennerley among us. Also critical at this time as we look towards 2014 is the knowledge that we now enjoy much greater financial stability, having benefited from one major and one minor bequest this past year.

This new financial security, in fact, means that your pledge is more important than ever. Any increase you might be able to make in your commitment can now go directly into creating more ministry rather than towards plugging our deficit. Please, then, make your pledge to Saint Ignatius of Antioch for 2014. Pledging allows us to do the important work of financial planning that is essential to any organisation. What matters more than the amount you can give is the commitment you make. We want you to be a part of what we are achieving together.

Enclosed you will find a pledge card that you can return either by post or in person. You can expect to be hearing from a member of our Stewardship Committee in the coming weeks as we conduct our annual every member canvas, designed not only to help gather pledges but also to hear what you have to say about the work we are doing together in the parish. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with me or the churchwardens if you have any particular questions or concerns.

With all my warmest wishes, I remain,

Faithfully yours,