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About Membership and StewardshipChristmas Gifts

As those of old their first fruits brought of vineyard, flock, and field to God the giver of all good, the source of bounteous yield;
so we today our first fruits bring, the wealth of this good land,
of farm and market, shop and home, of mind, and heart, and hand.
---Frank von Christierson, from The Hymnal 1982 705, st. 1



Click here for a pledge card to print and mail-in.



You do not have to be an official member of the parish to worship at Saint Ignatius. Everyone is welcome to worship with us and all Baptized Christians are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion

Membership in the parish, however, is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your neighbors and with God.

Membership in the parish is a wonderful way to make an intentional commitment to be part of something larger than yourself, to be a part of a Christian Community, united in our love of God and God's love for us even though we may come from very different places.

Membership in the parish is a way of formalizing your spiritual discipline of Stewardship to which God in Christ calls each of us daily. Stewardship is the practice of caring for the bounty of Creation and the gifts of creativity and life which God has bestowed on each of us. As such, Stewardship should involve the giving of our time, talent, and worldly possessions.

The parish receives no financial assistance from the National Church or the Diocese. In fact, we contribute to both! We are funded almost completely by the financial contributions of our members and the more we receive in pledge income the better we are equipped to serve the needs of our community. We very much hope that all those who decide to make Saint Ignatius their parish home will become members, contributing financially, as well as with their gifts of time and talent.

Joining an Episcopal Church is very easy, and Saint Ignatius is no exception. All you have to do is come regularly and make a financial pledge. The amount of that pledge is itself up to each individual. What is most important is that you make a commitment to share with others the gifts that God has given you in proportion to your income and means, and that you reexamine the level of that commitment regularly, again as part of your spiritual practice

Pledge cards are available right here or in the Church or you may to get one. Information about ways to give of your time and talent can be found here.

Membership is a requirement for voting in the annual parish meeting, serving on the Vestry, for election as a delegate to Diocesan Convention, and for participation in some church programs. We also expect that at least one member of a couple wishing to be married in this parish church be a member.


Stewardship 2018

We launched our 2018 Stewardship Campaign on Sunday, October 15th. We hope that everyone who pledged last year will consider increasing their level of commitment and that those who did not make a pledge will consider making one. We also hope that you all will be able to return your pledge cards by Sunday, November 12.

Click here for a pledge card to print and mail-in.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pledging

Why should I pledge?

Spiritually, because stewardship concerns our relationship with God; it helps us understand that those things we call possessions are really ours in trust; it allows us the chance to let go of some of our earthly possessions and experience the joy that comes from sharing what we have been given and offering it back to God. Physically, because your pledge helps pay for the expenses of our church, including our outreach ministry.

How much should I pledge?

We recognize that each of us has many competing demands for our money. We also recognize that many of us already give to a variety of organizations. Usually we give more to those organizations that mean the most to us and have the greatest need. When we give to those people and organizations about which we care, our giving usually involves some measure of sacrifice. We hope that you will give generously to your parish family. We hope you will think and pray about this as part of your own spiritual practice of sharing what you have been given with others. In the end the number is not as important as your giving in a way that is proportionate with your means and ability.

How do I pledge?

Fill out a pledge card (mailed to all members of the Parish, available at the back of the church, or online here) and either mail it back to the church or drop it in the offering plate on Sunday. Or hand it to an usher, or slip it under the office door. It will all get to the same place.

Do I need to bother with envelopes each Sunday? Don’t they cost the church a lot of money?

The pledge card makes clear that you can budget to remit your pledge annually or quarterly or weekly. If weekly, we encourage you to use the offering envelopes. It really helps with the bookkeeping and they are not expensive.

I can never be sure what to pledge so I just put money in the offering plate each Sunday. Isn’t that good enough?

It’s good, but, it could be better. The church cannot be as flexible about its expenses. We need to budget and to plan. So, think about what you might normally put in the plate - or what you have normally put in the plate over the years - and write it down in the form of a pledge. It makes it easy, too, when it comes time to vote at Annual Meeting and we can easily show that you are a pledging member of the church.

When is my pledge due?

We would like to have all our pledges, if possible, by the first Sunday in December, when we hold our annual stewardhsip ingathering. This gives us time to incorporate your pledges into the final draft of the budget, which the vestry passes at its December meeting.

I prefer to pledge anonymously.

The amount you pledge will always be kept strictly confidential, with that information available only to the Treasurer and Parish Administrator, who must keep accounts, and the Stewardship Chairperson, who must raise the money. The fact that you have pledged, however, is part of the open record of the church, and is useful additionally for measuring the growth of our church community, representing to the Diocese the degree of involvement of parish members, etc. We want you and all of us to be counted as faithful parishioners of Saint Ignatius and we will make a record of that again this year in the weekly Sunday bulletins this year as pledge cards are returned.

For further information about pledging and Stewardship contact one of the clergy or email the the .

We are grateful to the Church of the Advent, Boston, from whose web site we have adapted this FAQ.


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