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The Second Sunday of Easter


If you are visiting or new to Saint Ignatius, we hope that you will feel welcome and at home. Please join us after Mass for Coffee Hour downstairs in the Parish Hall, and, if you will, fill out a visitor’s/newcomer’s card so that we can keep in touch.

The Children’s Playroom is located just adjacent to the Parish Hall downstairs; please ask an usher to show you where to go. We have professional child care available and parents are welcome to come and go throughout the service.

A note about Holy Communion: The Episcopal Church teaches that all baptised persons are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Communion is offered in both kinds. If you wish to intinct the wafer into the wine, please allow the Eucharistic Minister to take the Host from your hand, dip it into the chalice, and place it on your tongue. If you are unable to come forward to receive at the altar rail, please let an usher know so that the ministers may bring the Sacrament to your seat. A number of gluten-free wafers are consecrated for Holy Communion. If you would like to receive a gluten-free Host and the chalice, please let one of the ushers know so we can accommodate you.

Sidewalk and Vault Repair

Notes on Today’s Music:

Alonso Lobo (c. 1555–1617) was an important Spanish composer of the generation following Francisco. He became a choirboy at Seville Cathedral when he was 11 and became a canon in the collegiate church in Osuna, his home town, in 1586. In 1591 he became Guerrero’s assistant at position before that at Toledo Cathedral.

The Regina caeli is sung to the setting by Francisco Guerrero (1528–1599), one of the greatest Spanish composers of the 16th century and known during his lifetime as “El cantor de Maria”. Indeed, this very motet was perhaps the most famous single piece to come from Spain in the sixteenth century. Guerrero lived a colourful life, much of which is well documented. Unlike the more famous Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611), the vast majority of Guerrero’s career was spent in Spain, much of it
as of Seville Cathedral (Victoria spent many years in Rome). He served the cathedral there first as a chorister and then, in succession to Pedro Fernández, as maestro de capilla. Most notably, Guerrero undertook a pilgrimage of in 1588 of the Holy Land. On the return leg of the journey his ship was boarded twice by pirates who exacted a considerable ransom, the repayment of which placed Guerrero in serious fi nancial diffi culties. One of the outstanding features of Guerrero’s music is the number of pieces he composed in praise of the Virgin Mary. While this is hardly unusual for a composer of the time, it drew commentary from contemporaries and beyond that suggested that Guerrero had some sort of fi xation on Mary.

— James Kennerley

Christian Formation:

Christian education programs for children: Parents should bring children down to the Sunday School room immediately following the 9 o’clock Mass.

Christian education programs for adults: See below for information about the Inquirer’s/Adult Condirmation Class and Lenten Bible Study.

For more information about our offerings, please speak with the Rector, Deacon Kahn (Adult Programs), or Lucy Yates (Children’s Programs).

Out to Lunch

We will be meeting on April 26 at 11:30 till 1:00 in the church office and reading the third chapter of Rowan Williams’s Being Christian, on the eucharist. Bring lunch or we can send out. For information or if you need someone to accompany you call Kathleen Towner 201- 238-2972 or Lucy Kuemmerle 212-865-9239.

Adult Confirmation and Inquirer’s Class

Continuing now through Sunday, May 14, the Rector will be leading a weekly class to prepare adults for Confirmation or Reception in the Episcopal Church. The class, which will meet between the 9 and 11 AM Masses, starting usually by 10:15, is also open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Episcopal Church and Anglican tradition and deepen their faith and understanding. In Confirmation, we publicly reaffirm, in the presence of our local community and the Bishop (whose presence represents that of the whole Church), the promises we made—or which our parents made on our behalf—at baptism. We then receive the laying on of hands of the Bishop, who prays God to send the Holy Spirit upon us to bless and strengthen us in our life and ministry. Those who have been previously Confirmed by the laying on of hands of a bishop outside the Anglican Communion may be Received into the Episcopal Church. Confirmation and Reception is scheduled to be a part of our Ascension Day liturgy on Thursday, May 25. For more information, please see the Rector.

Parish Retreat

The biennial Eastertide Parish Retreat will be the weekend of April 28-30, 2017 at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY, overlooking the lordly Hudson River. The retreat will be led by one of the monks and will include group time, down time, silent time, and of course good food. The cost of $225 includes two nights' lodging and all meals; transportation is extra. A 50% down payment will reserve your place. Please speak to Deacon Paul for more details.

Memorial and Commemorative Gifts

Memorial gifts or thank offerings are always welcome to support the ongoing ministry of the parish. This is a lovely way to publically express our gratitude to God for all the blessings of this life, especially those people who have been important to us on our journey. Most welcome are donations to support the music of the Mass. At this time $875 will cover the expenses of the choir at a regular mass, but donations from $125 up are welcome to support part of the cost of the music. A gift of $100 will
support the work of our Soup Kitchen to feed our neighbours one meal. Gifts are also accepted for altar flowers. If you wish to make a gift you can place a cheque in the plate or the mail indicating your intentions and we would appreciate an email to the rector or parish office as well.

Soup Kitchen Grant

Good news! Episcopal Charities has awarded the St. Ignatius of Antioch Soup Kitchen a Human Needs Grant for 2017 in the amount of $3,200 to help us to feed New Yorkers in need. Combined with donations from parishioners, the grant will defray some of our expenses for paper goods and food staples we do not receive from New York City’s Emergency Food Assistance Program. We are grateful to Episcopal Charities for their continued support of our feeding program, and to everyone who gives their time and talent to this vital ministry.

Stewardship Campaign

We kicked off our 2017 Stewardship Campaign several weeks ago. We thank everyone who has pledged thus far. We hope that everyone who pledged last year will consider increasing their level of commitment, and that those who did not make a pledge will consider making one. We also hope that you will be able to return your pledge cards as soon as possible.

Once again this year, the members of the Stewardship Committee expect to be in touch with every member of the parish personally. This “every member canvas” is designed not only to discuss your financial support for our community, but so that they may hear what you have to say about the life of the parish and give us an opportunity to learn about the gifts and talents you have to share with us all. So, please do not be surprized when you hear from someone from Saint Ignatius.

In the meanwhile, you will have received a letter from the rector with a pledge card. You may also pick one up today at the back of the church or at coffee hour, download a pledge card from the parish website, or get one during the week from the parish office. This year we are offering you the opportunity to pay your pledge directly from your bank account through the diocese's e-pledgeing program. Please contact the parish office or the Stewardship chair for more information.

You will find more information about Stewardship, Pledging, and Parish Membership on our website.

We hope all parishioners will make their pledge to support St. Ignatius of Antioch. If you have questions about pledging or stewardship, do not hesitate to speak with Stewardship Chair Holly Hughes.

Sidewalk and Vault Repair

As the Vestry announced at the Annual Meeting, the NYC Department of Transportation has demanded we replace damaged paving stones and curbstones around
our church. We have also decided to seize the opportunity presented by the sidewalk excavation to arrest damaging water penetration in the portion of our basement below the West 87th Street sidewalk. When the project is complete, we will have safer and more attractive sidewalks, improved waterproofi ng for the basement, a more structurally sound vault and foundation, recaulked and levelled steps, and a more inviting street view. With the help of our architect and engineers, RAND, We have now selected a contractor, but will now begin the work in the spring, which is, in any case, a better time for us to pour concrete.

The project is estimated to cost $258,000 and already we have received signifi cant grant support. The Property Support Committee of the Diocese of New York has generously awarded us $70,000 and authorized a loan. Furthermore, we are honored and grateful to announce that the New York Landmarks Conservancy has recognized the value of our repair project to maintaining the foundation of our historic church and has awarded us two grants. The fi rst is a $2,500 Consulting Grant, which
will help defray the costs of our engineer’s supervision of the work. The second, from the Conservancy’s Sacred Sites program, is a matching grant of $25,000. Thanks to the generous contributions so far of many parishioners and friends of the parish, we are close to meeting this match. If you have not yet contributed or pledged to the 2016 Capital Campaign, we urge you to so in order to help us make the match and ensure the completion of the project.

Chantry Guild

In 2012 we founded the Chantry Guild of the Church of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, a parish organisation formed with the express purpose of offering prayers for the dead and to support our ministry for and with the dead and dying. The All Souls Offering on Wednesday, November 2nd will be given to the Guild and all those who contribute that evening, or at any time before or after, will become Oblates of the Guild for the year. Funds raised will be used to purchase items for use at masses of the dead, pay for the proper burial of those in need, and support the All Souls Requiem. The Guild will also promote educational programs on the spirituality of death and dying and estate and funeral planning, the fi rst series of which took place this past winter.


The Columbarium that lines the north and south walls of our church has provided a resting place for the remains of many late beloved parishioners and their families.. Since its expansion in 2004, we have maintained the cost of a niche with engraved slate cover at $2,500. This past summer the Vestry voted to increase that amount to $3,500 for members and $5,000 for non-members. As has always been the case, there is an additional charge for the removal and reengraving of a stone when a second urn is placed in a niche. The raise will go into effect on All Souls Day, November 2, 2016. If you wish to purchase a niche, please contact Karen Christian.

Parish T-shirts are still available!

Our stylish new St. Ignatius of Antioch T-shirts are still available in many sizes for $20 each. See Deacon Paul with cash in hand. All profits will directly benefit the parish. Order forms can be obtained at the back of the church or from Deacon Paul or download here.

The Leopards: Helping Parishioners Help Each Other

Might you have an occasional hour or two to help a fellow parishioner who is temporarily homebound or otherwise laid low? Grocery shopping, dog-walking, or accompanying someone to the doctor or to church is a simple, useful, and practical way of caring for one another within the St Ignatius community.

Or perhaps you would like a St. Ignatius Leopard in your life. If you are homebound from illness, a bad back, or post-surgery and need a little help with shopping or cleaning, or need someone to accompany you to a doctor's appointment or to church, we have a group of parisioners eager to help out.

If you need help, or would like to help, please speak to Lucy Kuemmerle or Deacon Paul, or contact the Parish Office about becoming a Leopard.

Social Media

As we all know, using social media sites allows us to get information to our members and friends efficiently and quickly. It drives traffic (that means people) to our web site where there is lots more information about our parish. We are finding that most people who walk through our doors for the first time have somehow found us on the internet. Increasing our on-line presence allows us to reach more people who may be looking to find a church home and make it here at Saint Ignatius.

Like us on Facebook Follow us on
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Soup Kitchen Volunteers Needed

Do you have an hour a month to spend serving the hungry in our neighborhood? For more than 30 years, we have provided take-away meals of soup and sandwiches every Saturday afternoon and Monday evening to all individuals who come to our West End Avenue door. If you want to participate, please contact Holly Hughes (646-245-1782) or David Holkeboer (212-874-1050) for information.

Toiletries for Soup Kitchen Guests

We like to give our guests bags of toiletries. If you have unopened shampoos and soaps from your travels, or could pick up small toothpastes and hand lotions, we have a basket by the West Avenue door to drop them in.

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This Week’s Readings


Upcoming Events:

Sunday, April 30 — The Third Sunday of Easter
8:00 A.M — Low Mass
9:00 A.M — Sung Mass
11:00 A.M — Procession and Solemn Mass. The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch will offer the music of the Mass and sing The Mass “Western Wind” by John Sheppard and Alleluia: Dic nobis Maria by Francisco López Capillas.

Saturday, May 6 — Concert
8:00 P.M Concert: Polyhymnia. Osculetur me. $30 general; $20 student/senior.

Sunday, May 7 — The Fourth Sunday of Easter
8:00 A.M — Low Mass
9:00 A.M — Sung Mass
11:00 A.M — Procession and Solemn Mass. The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch will offer the music of the Mass and sing Missa 'Il Bianco E Dolce Cigno' by Stefano Bernardi, The Lord Is My Shepherd by Charles Villiers Stanford, and Regina Coeli by Cristóbal De Morales.

Sunday, May 14 — The Fifth Sunday of Easter
8:00 A.M — Low Mass
9:00 A.M — Sung Mass
11:00 A.M — Procession and Solemn Mass. The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch will offer the music of the Mass and sing Frences Mass by John Sheppard and Easter ('Rise heart; thy Lord is risen') by Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Sunday, May 21 — The Sixth Sunday of Easter (Rogation) [NB Only one main Mass this morning]
8:00 A.M — Low Mass
10:00 A.M — Procession, Pontifical Mass, and the Rogation Procession. The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch will offer the music of the Mass and sing Missa Brevis, opus 57 by Lennox Berkeley and I was glad when they said unto me by Henry Purcell (1659–1695) A parish lunch follows the service. We will welcome the Rt. Rev'd Alan Shin, suffragan bishop of New York, who will make his visitation to the parish.

Thursday, May 25 — Ascension Day
7:00 P.M — Procession and Solemn Mass. The choral music today is offered by one of the church’s ensembles–in–residence.

Sunday, May 28 — The Seventh Sunday of Easter
8:00 A.M — Low Mass
9:00 A.M — Sung Mass
11:00 A.M — Procession and Solemn Mass. The Choir of Saint Ignatius of Antioch will offer the music of the Mass and sing Messa sopra l'aria di Fiorenza a 8 by Girolamo Frescobaldi and Caelos ascendit hodie by Charles Villiers Stanford.


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Prayer List: The weekly intercessions list is found in the Sunday Leaflet. The entire list of those for whom our prayers for healing are offered, which you will find on the next to last page of this Leaflet, will always be prayed in full on our Wednesday evening healing Masses.

If you wish to place yourself or someone else, whether a member of the parish or not, on the prayer list, please contact the office either by or phone (212-580-3326). Please do let us know if you or a member of your family or a friend is sick and would like either our prayers or a visit from one of the clergy. In these days of strict privacy laws we will not know you or a member of your family is in the hospital or ill unless you tell us. Names will be placed on the list for six weeks, after which time they will be removed, unless renewed. Please contact the parish office to place names on the list. Names submitted by Wednesday 12 Noon will appear in the following Sunday Leaflet.

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Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30-5:30; Wednesday 2-6; Thursday 1:30-5:30

Deadline for Parish Notes: Wednesdays at Noon